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The Legend of Whiskey Joe's


The Legend of Whiskey Joe

Many things that remain a mystery about the legend of Whiskey Joe: did he really tame an alligator? Did he really ride out a hurricane, single-handed, on his small sailing vessel in Tampa Bay? Some things we may never know. What we do know is...

Orphaned on a Caribbean Island as a child, Joe was "taken in" by the salty world-renowned captain, Shanghai Red, to serve in the ship's galley. Sailing from shore to shore and island to island, Joe quickly learned the ways of the open sea and the food many a distant land-from exotic new dishes of fish, coconut and spices to new and unique ways to spin a beverage to appease a weary traveler.

As Joe traveled to many distant lands, his cooking skills improved. With every new port-of-call, Joe learned to cook with a variety of ingredients and spices, in as many different ways. All the while, he never lost sight of the importance of whiskey, wine, beer and booze when it comes to keeping people happy.

Joe eventually headed out on his own to conquer the world, soon making his own name as a renowned pilot, sailor and adventurer. Eventually, Joe made his fortune. Some suspect that Joe found a long buried treasure, but no one knows where his loot is stashed today. With Joe, everything was larger than life and always a mystery.

It was one blustery fall morning, out of nowhere, when a hurricane blew Joe into Tampa Bay. Here he decided to open an eatery made to satisfy every hungry mouth, watchful eye and curious mind that passed by.

After his establishment was destroyed by yes, another hurricane. Whiskey Joe rebuilt his bar and grill then, mysteriously disappeared. Some say he prowls the swamps of Florida, or that he took to sea and air to find adventure and create his unique food and drink concoctions in secret. Others say he dropped out of sight because of a dame. Whatever the reason, Joe leaves and unparalleled legacy of food, drink, song and spirit that, when mixed together, seems to magically flow into one big adventure.

Today, Whiskey Joe's Bar & Grill is still right her where visitors can wait and keep a watchful eye for Joe's return.


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