60th Anniversary

Celebrating 60 Years

Whiskey Joe's Bar & Grill 60th Anniversary

Whiskey Joe's Bar & Grill 60 Years



Whiskey Joe's Bar & Grill is proud to be part of Specialty Restaurants Corporation


Specialty Restaurants Corporation (SRC) was founded in 1958 by World War II veteran David Tallichet. Opening its doors with just a $50,000 loan, the company’s first restaurant, The Reef, opened in 1958 in Long Beach, California, with over 70 more restaurants throughout the United States and Mexico to follow suit. Understanding the significance of creating memorable dining experiences, both with customer service and food excellence, David Tallichet and SRC became known as a pioneer of the themed restaurant, with its strategic destination, experiential dining and view-oriented locations.


Having a natural skill for seeking out restaurant locations that soon become must-visit spots, SRC has opened concepts in destination spots such as Los Angeles, San Francisco, Denver, Miami, Dallas, San Diego, Nashville, New Orleans, Tampa, Cleveland and more. Over the last 60 years, SRC has continued to evolve, learning through trial and error but also growing alongside with many successes. To date, there are currently 19 award-winning restaurants within the company nationwide. With a desire to establish a portfolio of restaurants that all could enjoy, SRC created it all - from beach bars, food halls, special event centers to high-end fine dining.


In 2018, SRC revamped their largest property, Castaway in Burbank and added The Green Room, a new cocktail lounge hidden inside the popular dining destination. The Green Room is complete with immersive, full sensory cocktails and elevated small bites, debuting as the face of the brand’s evolution and what is to come next for SRC.


Remaining a family-run company, Specialty Restaurants Corporation is currently operated by David Tallichet’s son, John Tallichet. We will be celebrating all year with special promotions, events and menu items. Please follow us on Instagram @specialtyrestaurants and Facebook #srcturns60


To learn more about Specialty Restaurants Corporation's story and timeline, visit specialtyrestaurants.com/our-story


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About Specialty Restaurants Corporation (SRC)

Whiskey Joe's Miami Bar and Grill is a proud member of Specialty Restaurants Corporation (SRC).


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